Real Stories

Why become a working mom when you can just be a mom?

  You married into a well to do family, you get whatever you point your finger at, there is no financial burden on you, you have a loving husband, a baby, then what is this

Blood donation to remember your late blood member.

  Why do we memorialize the dead? We tend to memorialize any good or bad that happens to us so that someday in the future we could laugh or grieve in the honor of the

If You Want It You Have To Work For It

To all the music lovers out there… Have you ever tried to tell your parents that you want to pursue music as your career? What was their reaction? Our artist today is someone who not


Do you consider fitness training as to something more than just losing weight or getting abs? Are you determined towards physical training? And what if you master it one day and want to take it

My journey of pursuing passion and opening my own clay studio

What was your passion when you were a kid? Why didn’t you tried pursuing your passion?¬†Our featured talent is one who has explored many options. She learned what works best for her is something that

Pets Approved, Humans Allowed

Keeping pets at home while moving out is a real struggle Pet owners often feel confused and disappointed when they have to lock their pets at home while they are going out for restaurants/ cafes!

Providing for those who have nobody

How we started out We began our journey in approximately 2012 and by 2020 we have grown with leaps and bounds. Our initiative basically started out on the basis of our mutual love for animals.

Becoming the father I was always meant to be

My childhood and how it moulded me We were four brothers and sisters and moved to Ahmedabad in 1969 where my dad started working in a Sindhi medium school and my mom joined him right

Determination to succeed can get you places

Studies somehow made me feel the worst Growing up I realised that studies was not my forte. I was a weak student and was considered to be a failure at academics. I received the worst

Adopt and not shop!

Why do we need to adopt and not shop! #adoptdontshop Caravan Hound, Jonangi, Kanni, Combai, Pandikona, Rajapalayam, Rampur Greyhound, these are the names of Indian breed dogs that are fighting for their lives every day.